The Boomerang Band is...
Jim Moore – bass, guitar and vocals

Jim’s parents tell a story about when he was a toddler and would push himself all around the room in his walker whenever they played the song, "Papa Loves Mombo" by Perry Como.  So began his love of music!  Some of his first influences were brought into the Moore household by the TV show, "Hootenanny".  There was always a piano and guitars in the house when he was growing up so he began learning to play at an early age.

Jim began playing electric guitar in garage bands in junior high and continued on into early adulthood.  When he moved to Sacramento California, the music world suddenly opened up for him.  Jim ended up quitting his day job so that he could pursue playing music as a full-time career.  Jim began playing bass in 1978 and played professionally in various bands for almost 12 years.  There were some who said he lived and breathed music and that music ran in his veins.

After several years of solid road work in the late 80's, he began to reconsider his options.  Jim quit the road band and ended up getting a day job back home in Sacramento.  He continued to play music on the weekends with a local band.  When the day job turned into a night job, he quit playing music completely for almost 10 years!  ...a far cry from a life full of music!

Jim went to tech school and became a computer guy, got married and ended up moving to Seattle.  After playing in a few bands and music projects in the Seattle area, Jim ended up meeting the right people at the right time and joined Boomerang in September of 2006!

Bob Sparks – guitar and vocals

Bob grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois with parents who were both musicians.  He discovered that he had a true affinity for music when he took piano lessons at age 12.  He received his first guitar as a gift when he was 16 and although he learned how to play and write, it was not until years later that he discovered his true calling with music.

Bob eventually graduated from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois with a degree in music.  His areas of performance were classical guitar and chorus.

During the next 15 years Bob performed with various local bands around the St. Louis area, most notably the rhythm and blues band Rocket 88.  He performed with the Sparks band with his sister Mary, who is an accomplished percussionist and hammered dulcimer musician currently recording in the Ashville, NC area.

Fast forward to today:  Bob has developed a renewed interest in music in general, and specifically with his own music.  He recently joined Boomerang, contributing his guitar expertise and vocal skills to the band.

Mary Sparks – drums and vocals

Mary Sparks began her musical life shortly after birth.  Her parents were musicians…lap steel guitar players…and their love of music passed right to their daughter, along with a fair amount of talent.  Mary began taking piano lessons when she was six years old.  After almost seven years of piano concertos, etudes, and endless scales, she convinced her parents that she would be much happier playing the drums.  Surprisingly, they relented and even bought their thirteen-year-old daughter her first set of drums…which in 1968 was no small thing.  Ecstatic to trade in the big telephone books and assorted furniture tops for real drums, Mary began torturing family members and neighbors, as she passionately practiced rudiments and paradiddles.  She was on the road to rock stardom.

Her many paths never lead to stardom, but Mary has enjoyed a long life of playing in some great (and not so great) local bands.  For over thirty years Mary honed her drumming and singing skills in a variety of rock and country-rock cover bands…throughout the Midwest and eventually in North Carolina.  Along the way, she fell in love with the hammered dulcimer, and for the last sixteen years has been captivating listeners with her improvisations and original compositions.  She has released two hammered dulcimer CDs since 2004 and spent the last ten years making a name for herself in Asheville, NC.  Mary spent several summers "busking" out in the streets of downtown, momentarily mesmerizing all who strolled by. Locals began calling her "The Dulcimer Lady."  Her band, "Space Medicine," was known for its innovative and meditative performances.

She is a recent transplant to the Seattle area and finds herself back behind the drums, playing once again with her guitarist brother, Bob…rekindling that old spark they shared while performing together back in the seventies and eighties.  As part of Boomerang, Mary provides the solid tempos, thoughtful dynamics, and tight vocals that help hold it all together.

Wayne Browne – bass, guitar and vocals

Wayne was the bassist for the Mercury Cruisers for 30 years.  The Mercury Cruisers were a well-known Pacific Northwest band back in the day.